Easy Fundraising, Great Profits


Z Best Fundraising Tips

1. Fundraising Goals – How much you make depends on you and how much you expect of your participants. The participants need to ask their relatives, neighbors and community for support. Families can also help by taking the fundraiser to their workplace.

2. Parent Volunteers – Ask for volunteers prior to the fundraiser. Volunteers can help with distribution, collection, recording & with prize incentives at the end of sale. The more you involve parents, the more success you will have.

3. Sale Dates – Most fundraisers are designed to be 14-18 day sales to maximize results. If possible, schedule around pay dates and try to include 2 weekends. Giving the participants short time lines keeps them focused, motivated and on top of sales.

4. Publicize your Z Best fundraiser – Make sure that you let your school community know that the Z Best fundraiser is coming. If you have a school web-site, newsletter; Facebook page or Twitter, announce the sale dates and information. Z Best will provide you with announcements and art work that are ready to post. If you need any help with this, just give us a call. On the first day of the sale it is a good idea for the morning announcements to include information on the fundraiser for all students and teachers.

5. Sales Posters - Z Best will provide you sales posters that should be hung in predominant places such as the cafeteria, hallways & office.

6. Kick Offs – Let us provide the motivation to the students with a customized kick off to the sale. Our short presentation will include sale instructions along with sale incentives for the participant including incentives and prizes. The presentation works best in a short assembly and takes about 10-15 minutes. If that is not an option, we can also complete during lunch hours, do a short class to class presentation or provide a kick off video for each teacher to show – about 5 minutes.

7. Label Sales Packets – If possible, ask the office to print labels that include the student & teacher name. Apply the labels prior to distribution in the classroom. This will help in tracking the returns.

8. Centralized Packet Distribution & Money Collection - We recommend that the sales packets be distributed in the classroom by the teacher. The students should write their name and classroom on the envelope (if they are not labeled). Teachers can use a simple “homework” sheet to track when book orders are returned. We have a log sheet in excel format that will be provided. We will also provide you with a Z Best box for sales pack returns to the classroom. Parent volunteers should visit the classroom to collect the orders for safekeeping.

9. Teacher/Leadership Support – The students need to be reminded about the fundraiser and deadlines by teachers. If they haven’t been checked off the turn in sheet you can utilize written reminders or the school call system to ask for order returns. Daily announcements from the school principal or group leader will also improve results.

10. Reminder Notices – Z Best will provide you with reminder notices for every student that should be sent home student two days prior to the sale ending. ASK ZBEST for help. If you need help with any area, give us a call. We can provide you with professional fundraising experts to help with any part of your sale. ​​